Thrive: To flourish or grow vigorously.  

Parenting isn't always hard, but when it is, it can bring a lump to your throat and suck away your confidence - in yourself - and in your child.

I work with parents who are looking for a sustainable way to thrive while raising capable kids.

Interestingly, attending to your own needs first is the key.  

Research shows that parents' ability to manage their own stress is the number two predictor of their child's well-being.  (Number one is the level of love and affection the child feels.)

This "attending" to our own needs and "attuning" to our children's needs can be quite a balancing act.  You have to be able to notice and regulate your own thoughts and emotions if you want to be emotionally present for your child.  When we ignore our own needs, we don't thrive.  When we ignore our children's needs, they don't thrive.

It's about 
Presence + Purpose + Communication

Presence  Our ability to "be with" our children and to regulate our own emotions and behavior while responding to the needs of the situation.  Being in this  moment.  Bringing our attention and wisdom to what's happening here and now.  That doesn't happen when we're parenting from "empty".

Purpose  Clarity around what we are doing and why we are doing it.  As they grow, shifting from control to coach or co-pilot.

Communication  Listening and talking in ways that deepen connection and learning, invite curiosity, and communicate not just information, but also values: love, relationship,  compassion,  responsibility, capability, courage, resilience.  

That's where thriving, connected, flourishing growth happens.  For you.  And your child.

When any – or all – of these things are out of alignment, life, parenting and work can feel exhausting, soul-numbing.  The opposite of thriving.

Welcome.  I'm glad you're here.

Parenting 4 The Long Run is here to support you in 

- Creating a life that works for you - today.   Who knows what shape you'll be in by the time "someday" comes?!  Learning how to create new habits, and incorporating mindfulness and self-compassion practices help us move from good intentions to "this is actually happening" in our lives.

  Raising capable, compassionate children.  The most effective parenting style combines high relational warmth with high expectations.  We are empathetic and we still provide firm limits.  We lead by example.

-  Using daily challenges and mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.   Positive Discipline's roots in Adlerian psychology dare us to have the courage to be imperfect.  Openness, curiosity and acceptance are prerequisites to learning and growth.

I offer coaching and training to support you (or the families you serve) in thriving. 

Join me in the "practice" of parenting for the long run:
being present, being on purpose, and communicating and relating in ways that encourage, that build connection and teach skills in the process.  

earn to use the daily challenges and mistakes as opportunities to learn and thrive!

I'm Kimberly...

Kimberly Gonsalves

ICF Accredited Coach
Certified Positive Discipline Trainer

I'm a professionally trained coach specializing in purposeful presence, leadership and communication  for parents who want to thrive at home and at work.  

My coaching methodology is grounded in research-based best practices from the fields of psychology, education and neuroscience.  In addition to Adlerian-based principals and tools, I support clients in the practice of mindfulness and self-compassion practices.  

I'm married and have two children, ages 17 & 14.  Life with teens is always interesting!

I understand the pressures  of life in Silicon Valley, with demanding stakeholders of all ages.